Home staging offers numerous benefits to home sellers; it can help sell a house as quickly and with the best results possible. If all your home’s a stage, then all the rooms are players. As potential buyers move throughout your house, it is important that each room tells a compelling story.

you outta be in pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photos from my recent new listing tell the whole story. This gorgeous mid-century home for sale in Weston Massachusetts underwent a staging transformation with amazing results; this property had an accepted offer within one week! The before and after pictures document the dramatic makeover:

stage then price

Facing multiple price reductions is not an ideal situation for most sellers, and those adjustments are far more costly than home staging. Staging a home prior to putting it on the market helps achieve its best price.

define space

No, you don’t need a dictionary to define space during the home staging process! You do, however, need to help buyers visualize the potential in each room. It may be difficult for some home buyers to picture themselves in your house. Assist them by highlighting the possibilities in each well-staged room. We are selling a dream, and we create the dream by showcasing the space, architecture, and light of each room. Staging also helps to minimize flaws.

stronger showings

Staged homes simply show better, and they elicit stronger interest. Clutter-free spaces make it easier for buyers to see the beauty behind each door. A well-designed study, playroom, or family room beckons a new buyer home.

quicker sales

When your house appears to make the best use of its space, has great traffic flow, and is brighter, cleaner and warmer than comparable homes on the market, it will likely sell faster. Good staging techniques can help achieve all of these goals.

roi on the sunny side

It is understandable that some sellers scoff at the idea of spending money to stage their home. The fact is, the expense of home staging more than pays for itself. Buyers are often willing to pay a little more when a home is move-in ready. That will leave you with a positive return on investment and a positive attitude.

follow my cues and stage your home before listing it on the real estate market.

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