You Hire a Real Estate Agent for Three Reasons


The first reason is that we help you to price your house. We are in the market all of the time so we are very aware of the pricing in a particular market. So, you not only want to know what they think the price should be or where they think the house will sell, but how it should be positioned in the marketplace. You should ask: Are we in an up market? Are we in a down market? Are we in a stable market? And does that make a difference in how we present the property to the world at large?


The second reason you hire a real estate agent is to market the property. Many people make the mistake of spending too much time wondering about ‘what are you going to do to market the property’? The dirty little secret is that we all market the property the same way. We, most importantly, get it into MLS because that’s where the broadest exposure is. We all do open houses, and we all do broker open houses. What you want to zero in on are the pictures. They are very, very important today. So, you want to ask your agent, Can I see some of the pictures you have taken on your other listings? Can I see what your write-ups look like? Because, first and foremost that has to be first-class marketing, and you can judge for yourself after you look at their pictures. You absolutely need professional pictures, aerial pictures, and different angle pictures. And you want your write-up to evoke a sense of feeling. What is the feeling you want to present about this property that you are marketing? So, read the write-up, too. You want it to be more than four bedrooms, two and a half baths because that information is easy to find. You have to tell a story.


The third thing, and often most forgotten, is that we negotiate. We help you to negotiate and keep a deal together. In today’s market, the buyers are very skittish. You want to know your agent’s record on closing a property and on keeping a deal together. Ask them about the hardest deal they did last year, and ask them to describe how it played out. You’ll learn a lot about that agent and how hard they’re working for you and how skilled they are in negotiation. It’s very, very important. In today’s market, we have more tough deals than not. Every buyer is looking for value. Real estate agents cannot make your house worth more. What we can do is to keep that last one percent of money in your pocket and not in the buyer’s.

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