In a time when house flippers and home decorators are on screens across the country, many buyers are used to seeing beautifully furnished homes ready for sale. To give them what they want, stage your home professionally—but leave the camera crews behind.

Patti, in today’s world there’s too much HGTV out there for a seller, even though it’s a seller’s market, not to stage their home, right?

You hit the nail on the head, Chris. The buyers today, and they’re mostly young buyers buying single-family homes, watch a lot of HGTV. And they all want a Pottery Barn house. Well, so what you’re selling is not your home, you’re selling a commodity and you’re selling a lifestyle. So staging is very, very important. Their first look at your home is going to be through pictures on the internet. And they’re not just still pictures, they’re videos and they’re 3D videos.

And that really kind of changed the game. You’ve been selling real estate for a long time. It’s not that front page in the real estate section of the newspaper anymore where you’re just looking at that front picture. People are coming into your home without stepping foot in it, and it really does make a difference.

They make the decision to come to see the home based on the pictures they see. I promise you, sellers, please listen to your realtors when they tell you that you’ve got to stage the house.

And it’s separating that emotional piece to the house that a lot of these people have lived in for a long time. They love their home, they know why they love their home, but it’s not about that. It’s about how it’s going to be viewed – like you said – online, which can make a huge difference. You have to be willing to listen to others opinions like yourself, listen to the professionals. Allow them to stage the home as they see fit. It’s got to make the home go a lot quicker.

After we stage homes, I get two responses. One is, I wish I had done this a long time ago. The second is, it doesn’t feel like my home anymore. I remind them it is not their home anymore. It is a commodity for sale. And those who listen to me are very happy that they do because they get the maximum price for their property.

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