Last spring, Patti Salem appeared on HGTV’s House Hunters. In a previous blog post, Patti described her experience and gave a behind-the-scenes look at filming the TV show.

Patti explains, “The role of the Realtor on House Hunters is primarily as a door opener to the three featured houses. The real stars are the couple searching for their home. When I got the call from House Hunters, I was working with Nicolette and Adam who wanted to move from Boston to the suburbs. I knew right away that they were perfect for the show.”

This time we hear from the home buying couple, Nicolette and Adam, to tour the renovations of their new home firsthand and interview them about their experience as reality TV stars.

Nicolette: We really were actively looking at houses with Patti when the network called her. Patti works with many high-end buyers but also has a great rapport with people like us, trying to get into their first home.

Adam: We were looking at houses with a great location and great school system.

Nicolette: What House Hunters doesn’t show is the negotiation to get the house. It was Patti who guided us to make sure we got the house we wanted – the one in Wayland. She recognized the home’s value.

Adam: We had pretty much given up on Wayland. Everything we had looked at in our price range didn’t seem to meet our needs. When we finally saw the house in Wayland that was filmed by House Hunters, Patti said we had to move fast. We saw the house on Thursday, and our offer was accepted on Friday.

Nicolette: The filming was long but the actual offer to purchase was quick.

The couple worked with the film crew for five long 10-hour days. Viewers of the episode will agree that Adam and Nicolette’s charisma showed well on screen.

Nicolette: You would be surprised how many people said we should be on a sitcom. We were a little nervous when the show first aired, but all our friends and family agreed that we seemed very much like ourselves and natural.

When asked if they had any scenes they wish they could change or re-edit, both picked particular scenes.

Nicolette:  I played terrible tennis on national television because we don’t play often. The producer wanted to show us doing an activity together, and the court was right behind our apartment.

Adam: The scene at the end where I’m starting demolition on the kitchen makes me laugh. The film crew warned me not to be Rambo and take a huge sledgehammer to the wall, making debris fly everywhere. The resulting shot of me looks a little tentative, kind of wimpy!

The couple has owned their home for eight months now. For Nicolette and Adam, the Wayland house has become their dream home. The kitchen renovation is complete and looks amazing. Note the “Betty Draper, Madmen-era vintage stove” is now in the garage, ready to be donated. Their next project will be the guest bath.

And despite the busy renovation schedule and getting to know their new neighborhood and community, the couple has taken the time to add a new arrival to the scene – an eight-month-old boxer named Houston, who definitely seems right at home.

Nicolette: We love this house and we love this community. It really was an amazing experience.

Tidbit fact: Nicolette looked great in all her scenes with the help of a friend who runs the online store,  She provided Nicolette’s wardrobe and accessories for the show.

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